The fifth title update to bolster Happy Wars‘ cartoonish combatants has come ashore, bringing with it an invading force of familiar faces. Developer Toylogic Inc. in collaboration with The Behemoth, has introduced Castle Crashers gear which can be attained as rewards for competing in the all new “Extreme Style Match” game mode. Players who jump into the match will notice it’s business-as-usual with the exception of the game balance, which has been tweaked so that everyone’s on equal footing. Teamwork and strategy are key here since those super-powered items can’t help you.

While the Blue Knight gear can be attained through the Extreme Style playlist, act fast because the first round of rewards are only available until May 1, when presumably the next batch of equipment is rotated into the reward coffers. Those of you with an achievement unlocked in Castle Crashers will automatically be gifted the Barbarian’s helmet. Unfortunately all of these goods can only be used with the Warrior class, leaving the Cleric and Mage out of the party, for now.

This isn’t likely to be the last collaboration we’ll see between the free-to-play brawler and other prominent Xbox Live Arcade titles. “I hope to deliver more collaborations like this one with other Xbox game developers too,” states Happy Wars Game Director Yoichi Take. “And make the game even more enjoyable for our more than 2 million Happy Wars fans all over the world.”

Happy Wars is an online team-based arena battler. It’s easy to pick up, surprisingly deep and completely free. You can check out our official review for more convincing.