Happy Wars

The next surge in Happy Wars constant stream of free content is now available as Title Update 8, Microsoft Studios announced. The update finally introduces the long-teased specialty class for the mage slot, following in the footsteps of the Warrior/Berserker, the Zephyr expands the magical roster with powerful crowd control abilities. Create a vortex to wrangle enemies, lob mini twisters that expel anyone caught in the path or trade places with foes using teleportation – there’s a ton of utility to be found in the Zephyr’s arsenal.

Additionaly, Toylogic has added a new cooperative game mode to the mix dubbed Castle Defense, wherein your team of stalwart defenders must repel the oncoming waves of invaders. Each round ups the ante and enemy difficulty, but for a job well done comes just rewards, and each successful wave survived grants you attribute points to boost your character however you see fit.

New buffs to adhere to weapons and armor include the “Stun Crusher” buff, upping your damage against stunned foes, and the “Parameter Boost” which, simply put, boosts all your attack, defense and guard parameters. Lastly, as always, more ridiculously effective items make their way into the closet of premium gear. So go forth – sow chaos, defend the tower, and deck out your happy warrior.

Source: PlayXBLA