Happy Wars, the upcoming 15-vs-15 hack-n-slash from Japanese developer Toylogic, is showing just how fun war can be in these two new trailers. The above trailer gives the run-down of a typical online match. All 30 players begin the match by spawning in their team’s castle, and once the war begins you have to advance the enemy line by building towers. Towers act as a spawn point once built, but can be destroyed by the opposing team. Dying means having to select one of the three classes and choosing from the avialable spawn points. Battle the other team but be on the look-out for deadly gimmicks, some of which are player-controlled. Once your team reaches the enemy castle, fight your way inside and destroy the big tower in the center. At this point, your team wins! If you’re looking for something more team oriented, there is also a co-op mode where your team defends a castle from swarms of AI. Each map will feature themed swarms, from zombies to sentient tomatoes.

And what would a multiplayer game be without a little showing off? Happy Wars also has a strong customization mode, as seen in the second new trailer. Physical appearance and equipment can be changed, allowing creations of very unique characters. Equipment isn’t just for show, weapons and armor can be leveled up and made even more powerful. New weapons can be crafted using existing items, so the sword you just leveled up can be even more powerful by combining it with something magical. An item store will offer plenty of new customization options, offering “an endless stream” of items. Happy Wars will be available this summer.