Guilty Gear Accent Core XBLA

Developer Arc System Works has revealed that it will be bringing the previously Japan-only Plus R update for XBLA fighting game Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus to North America next spring.

After Core was initially released on the PS2 in 2008, its developer followed up with Core Plus in 2009 before releasing Plus R exclusively in its home country back in September. The XBLA version of the game then arrived in North America on October 24 sans Plus R. Despite the game’s myriad ports and updates, fans in this part of the world have still been asking questions on message boards such as NeoGAF as to when the most recent update would make its way here. Now they have their answer.

When Plus R does arrive in the States players will be greeted with a new title screen that reflects this version of the game once an update has been installed. They will then need to go into the game settings in the options menu and enable Plus R. Players who trudge through all of that setup will be able to select fighters Kliff-Undersn and Justice in ranked matches and all Player Match sessions. In addition, Plus R-specific leaderboards and achievements will be appended to the XBLA game.

Several player usability fixes will also accompany the download. The character select cursor will remember the character and color palette that players last chose and rest over him/her. Matchmaking and networking will also see a host of updates detailed in full on the game’s official site.

Finally, if you’ve filed a complaint about the game with Arc System Works they’ve heard you. The developer will fix some unspecified issues with Guilty Gear that players have brought to its attention.

Source: Arc System Works

(Thanks, @lifelower)