The lucha-themed Metroid-vania adventure Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition will make its debut on Xbox One and Xbox 360 soon. No official date has been given to the new revision of Guacamelee!, but there are some details on how it differs from last year’s Playstation and PC releases. Super Turbo Championship Edition boasts all of the DLC previously released on other platforms as well as additional story content, new areas, a brand new boss called The Trio of Death, and a new INTENSO combat mode among other tweaks. Drinkbox Studios has released the trailer below showcasing what to expect in Guacamelee! STCE.

When Guacamelee! crossing over to other consoles was only a rumor it made our list of Most Anticipated games of 2014. Read about why we’re excited to have Guacamelee! gracing the Games Marketplace here and check back for additional information regarding its official release.

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