Broken Window Studios recently announced via its Kickstarter campaign its upcoming title Grave will release for Xbox One. Grave is a procedurally generated, open-world survival-horror game. The trailer (below) makes it out to be a surreal combination of the best parts of indie titles Proteus and Slender, with much higher fidelity graphics than either of those two games.  

In the Kickstarter pitch video, designer Tristan Parrish Moore says that the team members “are all fans of survival horror and traditional classic horror experiences and we felt that that genre has disappeared, it’s been really marginalized over its lifespan. And our goal for Grave is to take modern horror sensibilities and apply them to a more survival based system and allow the player agency in a world that is also really frightening and uncontrollable.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Grave comes to a close on April 27, and the game itself is slated for release in early 2015. It looks very promising — hopefully the procedurally generated gameplay will allow for the title to have more replay value than many horror games, which lose their sting when players know when to expect which events.

Source: Kickstarter via CVG