Boot camp that is, showing us different tricks of the trade if you will. These short videos are meant to give you a good look at the game in action, while educating you about some useful tips to keep you alive. This first video is all about the camper, we all know they exist and unless you are one, we bet you hate them as much as we do. No worries though, with this informative video you will see three very useful and rather easy tricks that will give you the upper hand. Do you have any tricks you have figured out that works well, if so let us know in the comments section below.

There are several other great videos that have been made by the folks behind Gotham City Impostors, showing off the great gameplay, but more importantly the almost limetless customization features. They show you how the weapon load outs works, what different character build does for you and some of the many costume changes you will be able to make. Head on over to the Gotham City Impostors YouTube channel and enjoy the short, but very entertaining videos and make sure to keep your eye on us here at XBLA Fans as we bring you all the breaking news about this new Bat inspired FPS.