Another month and another free game or four, but who’s counting (me, that’s who). As always you get two games for the Xbox One Gone Home and The Turing Test as well as Rayman 3 HD and Medal of Honor: Airborne for the Xbox 360.

Let us focus on the 360 games first; these are two mediocre titles that equal a slight let down when combined. Medal of Honor: Airborne was indeed one of the best Medal of Honor games we had seen in quite some time, but it wasn’t anything to brag about. There were plenty of other shooters on the market that were already doing it better. Then we have Rayman 3 HD which is just a 2012 HD port of the original game from 2003 meaning all the issues from 2003, controls, camera, etc. are all still there.

Now on to the Xbox One title for the month, which might I say are a great pair of indie titles. First up this month is Gone Home, which tells a beautiful story of a family through bits and pieces scattered around your old home, the Greenbriar home. The developer, The Fullbright Company, does a great job (almost too good at times) in making this house and the people and their story feel real. Second is The Turing Test, another story exploration game only this time with first-person puzzles added in the mix. The story and voice acting are good bringing up questions about humanity, artificial intelligence, and free will. However, the puzzles and many of the indoor facilities had a familiar and bland feeling.

Overall, I would say 360 owners got the short end of the stick this month. They have seen better months already this year and probably have even better ones still to come. As far as Xbox One fans, I would be willing to say this is one of the better months for us. Not only are we getting two good games, but they are both from indie developers. Which you know, here at XBLA Fans, we fully support indie developers.