Veteran producer Microprose and developers Kung Fu Factory have announced that new fighting game Girl Fight is heading for XBLA. The “plot” revolves around a shady organisation called THE FOUNDATION (all capitals) which is in the business of abducting gorgeous women from all around the world, to plug into their virtual construct known as The Mainframe. To make it back to reality, the women must utilize their fighting and psionic abilities in an all-out battle for survival. That’s right, human trafficking just got sexy! According to the press release:

“With hair flying, long legs kicking and the ear-piercing shrill of deadly vixens, Girl Fight is a unique all-female, fast-paced spin on arcade-style fighting games”

Interestingly developers Kung Fu Factory recently teamed up with Coalition Fight Music to support Man Up, a global campaign to stop violence against women. Presumably it’s ok if they are fighting each other then? Girl Fight is expected to hit XBLA this spring. Ironically, the game was rated by the ESRB as M for “Mature”.