After nearly two years in the chamber, it looks like the powers that be are finally ready to pull the trigger on Girl Fight, firing it onto Xbox Live Arcade this month. Announced back in February of 2012, we had assumed the title – which pits abducted psionic scantily clad supermodel martial artists against one another – had been shelved for one reason or another, or another, or another.

However, with today’s newly released trailer showcasing a few of the eponymous fighters, it seems this is something that’s happening, after all. Girl Fight has received numerous launch windows, all of which have come and gone, but with the emphasis shifting toward new hardware in the coming months – coupled with a pseudo-reliable listing on – it’s likely this one is going to stick.

The finished product is set to host eight fighters all battling under the watchful gaze of the shadowy FOUNDATION (caps emphasize the shadowy-ness) across a number of virtual arenas drummed up from the ladies’ psyches. As far as the game itself goes, you’ll be rewarded for performing well with virtual currency – which can be spent on new moves and psychic abilities, different costumes, and “sexy illustrations of the girls!” Stay classy, Girl Fight.

You can take a gander at said trailer below, as long as you’re similarly rated M for Mature and have nothing against watching kidnapped woman beat the hell out of one another in bits of string and Lycra.

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