The sports-action-mayhem hybrid Ghetto Golf is headed to “Next-Gen” gaming platforms, according to Illfonic President and Co-Founder Chuck Brungardt. First spotted by eagle-eyed friend of XBLAFans, @lifelower, the news comes from Brungardt’s personal LinkedIn profile, stating:

We strive hard to bring new experiences to the gaming world, combining it with talented artists, programmers, producers, and musicians. We are currently working hard on Ghetto Golf for “Next-Gen” gaming platforms.

Little information has been released thus far regarding Illfonic’s marriage between a 9 iron and a TEC-9, though the developer’s website had previously listed Ghetto Golf targeting Xbox Live Arcade in 2012. When XBLAFans spoke with Illfonic Creative Director and Co-Founder Kedhrin Gonzalez last year we learned that the developer had placed the title on hold in order to focus on another XBLA project, arena-shooter Nexuiz. “We actually first started with another project, Ghetto Golf, but had to put it on the backburner,” Gonzalez stated. “Instead, we decided to take a trip down nostalgia lane with an Arena FPS game.”

Though there’s no word on which “‘Next-Gen’ gaming platforms” Ghetto Golf will land on, judging by Illfonic’s original intentions to bring the title to Xbox Live Arcade, it could be one of the first XBLA games to tee up on Microsoft’s new hardware.

Source: LinkedIn via @lifelower