Publisher Deep Silver has released a short video detailing the second of three characters from its upcoming side-scrolling brawler Sacred Citadel. This video focuses on Khukuri Shaman, described as “charming but iron-willed” and a “Tenacious Tactical Debuff Dealer” in a Deep Silver news release.

The release states that “the Khukuri Shaman is not one to fight in the front line of a battle, but she has other, more bewitching ways of influencing her opponents. She can heal her companions, strengthen the group’s attack skills, or even curse their enemies in order to blow them up. The Shaman represents the healer class in Sacred Citadel and adds an important tactical element to the co-op focus of the game.”

Due in 2013, Sacred Citadel is being developed by SouthEnd, which previously worked on the adorable ilomilo. Attacks in the brawler will change based on the player’s directional input, the weapon equipped and character class. To date, no pricing information or release window have been revealed.