First up we have Jump Stars, a local multiplayer party game from Jamit Games and Curve Digital, pitting player against player in a bizarre, violent game show. Players must cooperate as a team to get a high score, then turn against each other to crunch your teammates out the way to steal first place. With plenty of mini-games set across 25 different settings, and 24 different contestants to play as you can pick it up here for 9.99.

Also releasing today is A Hole New World from Mad Gear Games and Dolores Entertainment. An old school arcade adventure. The story goes that the city is being invaded by monsters from the Upside Down World. Players take on the role of Potion Master and must defeat evil alone, with no tutorials or “Easy Mode” to assist you. There are five different worlds to explore, as well as Boss Rush Mode, Challenge Mode, multiple endings and Game+. You can purchase the game here for $9.99.

Finally, we have Kholat, a game based on real life events that occurred on the Diatlov Pass over 58 years ago. The game is narrated by Sean Bean and features an open world for players to explore as they attempt to discover the answer to the mystery behind what happened. Gameplay is non-linear and contains side missions to add additional depth to the story. You can purchase Kholat for $19.99 here.