The Walking Dead Hug

Telltale Games are to offer a free copy of The Walking Dead XBLA version to players suffering severe hitching and freezing with the Xbox 360 disc version. After collecting reports from players, Telltale found that the severe stuttering issue, which rendered the Xbox 360 retail version nearly unplayable, only affects owners of the 4GB Xbox 360 console who do not have a hard drive attached to the system. Telltale have advised that installing an Xbox 360 hard drive on a 4GB system will fix the hitching, but for those who are unable or don’t want to do that, a system in now place that will provide those affected with a free copy of downloadable XBLA version. If you’ve been affected by the bug then head over to the Telltale Forums where a claim form has been posted. You must be able to provide proof of purchase for the retail game and proof of ownership of a 4GB Xbox 360.

Telltale are currently working on more permanent solution along with fixes for those suffering from severe saving glitches, where upon loading your recent save you are taken back to the start of Episode 1. Telltale advise that they believe they have found fixes for both issues, and have recently submitted patches to Microsoft for testing.

Source: Polygon