You’ve no doubt heard the saying “it’s not rocket science” before. Well, when it comes time to choose your class in the new base defense game, Fortified, that saying takes on a very literal meaning. In Clapfoot Games?? new multiplayer game you’re probably going to want to go with the Rocket Scientist.

Set in the 1950s with an urban sci-fi feel, Fortified features four classes; the first of which is the Rocket Scientist. This redheaded little lady was the first character Clapfoot developed, and maybe that’s why she’s arguably the best.

While at PAX East, XBLA Fans had a chance to play Fortified and spoke with Technical Artist, Henrique “HB” Barbieri, who made it very clear that when given my choice of character we should go with the Rocket Scientist. So I did.

Each character has a bonus, but not all bonuses feel equal. The Rocket Scientist’s bonus is a jet pack that affords her an aerial view of the entire city and all her enemies. The best part is, unlike with some of the other characters’ bonuses, she doesn’t have to earn it; she has it for the entire game. As if that wasn’t enough, she also specializes in explosives.

But wait, aren’t there still three other characters? Well, yes, there are, and I guess someone has to play them, so let’s hear a bit more about them.

Because we could all use a hero in our lives, Clapfoot has given us the All-American Hero, Space Man. Space Man is best used on crowd control duty, and he, like the Rocket Scientist, has a never-ending bonus ability of being able to jump in the air and do a ground pound maneuver to crush enemies below.

If you’ve always wanted to be a secret agent, then you may like the Agent, who specializes in Martians and their weapons. He deals high DPS for those who like to deal crushing blows.

Last but not least, you have the Marine Captain. His bonus is a debuff for all players, and unlike the Rocket Scientist his bonus, as well as the Agent’s, must be earned during each match.


Instead of building backstories into the game, the developers plan to release a comic that will give you a little more insight into each of these characters.

The final game will consist of 12 maps, which will get more and more destroyed from all the fighting that occurs as players progress. Your goal is to protect the city in which the game is set from “robot invaders with an arsenal of Cold War-era weapons and experimental technology.”

Fortified is expected to release at the end of summer and will be somewhere in the $10-30 price range.