Back in May we reported that Polytron had sent their first patch for mind-bending puzzle-platformer Fez to certification. The update was set to rectify many issues that had popped up after the games release, such as frame-rate dips and crashing. Unfortunately a couple of problems caused the update to fail cert and it was sent back to Polytron, who then ran into their own issues trying to reproduce the error. Thankfully those have finally been resolved the the update is now back in cert, meaning it should hopefully appear in a few weeks. You can find the full Facebook post about the issue below, if you’d like just a little more detail from the developer themselves.

If you haven’t already checked out Fez then have a read of our review to find out why you should, and if you get stuck you can always use our handy guide.

Source: Polytron’s Facebook page

PATCH NEWS : So it’s taking a long time to get it out. Here’s what happened in a nutshell.

We submitted the update to MS for certification on May 17th, it entered the cert process on the 21st and we got the answer back on the 25th that it failed because of two critical issues.
One of them was resolved quickly, the other one (a random crash when upgrading the game from trial to full game) was impossible to reproduce or test on my side. We tried with MS to get the issue ignored because I had no tools to resolve it, but after weeks nothing moved.
On June 8th, I finally got access to a testing method that allowed me to reproduce the issue, and it got fixed completely today.

So it’s going back to Microsoft right now, and should enter certification again soon. Expect a ~2 week delay, but it’s coming! Finally!!
Many apologies for the delays. It was a tricky one. Changelist incoming once we get a real deployment date.