More details on the illusive Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon have been revealed. The release date of May 1 was originally outed by an Xbox.com listing, since removed. Several media outlets have since confirmed this date. IGN also posted the first 15 minutes of the game via their website. Not wanting to poach a great video, you can view it in its entirety at IGN.

The game itself is an homage to every cheesy 80’s action film and video game. Cutscenes are two dimensional and hand-drawn, the cyborg protagonist, Sargent Rex “Power” Colt, is the embodiment of all the bad video game box art from the decade, and there are more monotone robotic voices than you can count. No price has been confirmed, but we’re guessing this will be in the 1200 MSP range, and we can confirm that it does not require the retail version of Far Cry 3 to play. This is totally stand-alone, totally XBLA, and totally awesome. Hit the jump for additional screenshots.

Source: IGN