Boom! Punch! Kapow! Explode! Kablam! Arghhh! Splat! Pew! Woosh! Blam! Boom again! The Expendables 2 launches on August 17. Kaboom! Have you watched the new trailer yet? Smash! I can barely see beyond all the virility, but I make out 14 separate explosions and four close-quarters primal executions (with a side helping of good-natured torture). Kasplat!

The release of The Expendables 2 on Xbox Live Arcade coincides with the launch of the second Expendables movie, also out in August. The game, a twin stick shooter published by Ubisoft, stars four Manly-Man Meat-slabs from Muscle Land on a mission of utmost machoism. The goal? To thump the face off everything and everyone on Planet Earth and prove that, with enough muscle, any problem can be punched until it’s no longer a problem at all. Oh, and they’ve got to rescue “an extremely valuable, kidnapped Chinese billionaire.” Sounds manly!

The four-player affair acts as a prelude to the film so expect the explosions, thumps and one-liners to segue neatly from one medium to another. POW!