If you’ve been on Xbox Live any time in the last decade, you would notice all sorts of things being updated on a regular basis. The deal/deals of the week, new video clips and of course, the popular Gamer Spotlight are all updated weekly for your viewing and playing pleasure.

This week you might have noticed a familiar name gracing your Xbox Live Dashboard on the ever-present Gamer Spotlight. That’s right folks. Our own editor-in-chief, John Laster, has been nominated and accepted as this week’s Gamer Spotlight.

Although he doesn’t mention anything about how he likes long walks on the beach or that his favorite flower is the daisy, he does mention his passion and love for Xbox Live and sheds a little light on the man behind XBLAfans.com.

So all you XBLAfans out there, power up the 360, and take a gander at this week’s Gamer Spotlight, Cain141.