While EA’s big E3 conference was mostly about sports and Star Wars, they were able to sneak in a new indie title between all that triple-A bombast. A Way Out is the new game from Hazelight, a new studio consisting of the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed XBLA title Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Working alongside EA, they’ll be publishing the game under the EA Originals umbrella. A Way Out offers a story-rich experience that can only be played in co-op – there’s no single player option, so you must play with somebody else either locally or online. You and a friend play as Leo and Vincent, two inmates who begin the game not knowing one another but end up working together to escape prison and survive what happens next. Players will need to work together in a wide variety of scenarios, from stealth to shootouts and everything in between. The game will constantly shift between variations of full screen and split screen, providing a cinematic experience for both players. A Way Out will be released early next year.