Hitbox Team’s 2D sweep-’em-up platformer, Dustforce, was released to PC and MAC users back in early 2012. Last week, Capcom announced that Xbox 360 gamers will now too get a chance to clean things up.

According to a post on the Capcom Unity site by Brett Elston, Capcom’s Community Manager, Dustforce is coming to platforms such as the PS3, PS Vita and the Xbox 360. At the time of this post, there are no details about a release date or the price for Dustforce.

There was also no information if this is going to be a straight port from the PC or if new features/modes are in the works to breathe some new life into this almost two year old title. Currently, the PC version has more than 50 levels, an online leaderboard, and 4-player local multiplayer modes.

Source: Capcom Unity via Joystiq