Wizards of the Coast have announced that this fall, fans of Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 can “Ascend Into Darkness” with a new expansion pack. The new pack will include sneak previews of six Innistrad cards and the ability for players to take on the role of the Archenemy. There will be eleven new single-player campaign levels where you must defeat three Planeswalkers as the Archenemy. In multiplayer you can choose to play either as the Archenemy or as a Planeswalker battling to take down the Archenemy. Details from the official website show the full details:

. Three new playable decks: Liliana Vess’s “Grave Whispers” deck, Ajani Goldmane’s “Auramancer”
deck, and Ral Zarek’s “Cloudburst” deck

· Six exclusive sneak-preview cards from the upcoming Innistrad expansion

· Players can become the Archenemy in single-player and online multiplayer formats

· Six new single-player campaign levels and eleven Archenemy single-player campaign levels

· Four Archenemy challenges

· Four additional card unlocks for all thirteen Duels 2012 decks

· New achievements

· New loading screens featuring art and text exclusive to the Duels 2012 Expansion

Pricing has not yet been revealed however previous expansions have came in at 400 MS Points. Fans will get the chance to try out the DLC early by visiting the Magic booth at PAX on August 25-28. Not tried the full game yet? Then add the trial to your download queue here.

Source: Via Gamergeddon