gamestop leak

Update: Following the possible outing of its release date (see original story below), State of Decay has “entered final certification,” according to Undead Labs Community Director Sanya Weathers. In a post on the official State of Decay forums, Weathers went on to explain that “The game is out of [Undead Labs’] hands.” Continuing, she stressed that this news has “nothing to do with a release date!” Weathers explained that, as it is with all XBLA games, the final release date will not be set until after final certification has been completed. Original story follows.

There are quite a few high-profile Xbox LIVE Arcade games releasing this summer, and the team over at IGN got their hands on a photo allegedly showing a few of the release dates. According to a listing from GameStop, we’ll see three big releases next month: State of Decay on June 5, Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara on June 25, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows on June 26. Ducktales Remastered has a placeholder date of August 1, but that seems unlikely considering that date falls on a Thursday. Of note here is that retailers often put placeholder dates in to secure preorders, so these may or may not be accurate.

IGN contacted some of the developers, but none would confirm any of the dates.

Source, image source: IGN