Skullgirls fans are in for a double treat with what is believed to be the eighth and final character reveal for the upcoming fighting game. According to her bio, Double is capable of transforming it’s nightmarish form into that of any person, but often appears as a smiling nun. It can frequently be found in the Grand Cathedral of the Divine Trinity, listening to confessions and attending to the catacombs beneath. The Gametrailers website has provided some information on her (it’s?) fighting style too:

• Double moves around the field as a quivering eldritch horror, and transforms into other characters for most attacks
• While Double may use frames of animation from other characters, many of the attacks are “remixes” of the moves she’s copying
• Even though she transforms into other characters for them, some of the moves are exclusive to Double: several moves that didn’t make the cut on the original character made it into Double.

Skullgirls is being developed by Reverge Labs and should be launching on XBLA early 2012.

Source: Skullgirls Blog via Gametrailers