Tim Schafer’s development studio Double Fine recently ventured into the realm of downloadable game with the fantastic Costume Quest, as part of a new download iniative within the company. They have just announced the 2nd game in that iniative, Stacking and it’ll be coming to XBLA next year. Click below to find out more.

Stacking takes place during the 1930s and lets you play as Charlie Blackmore, the world’s smallest Russian stacking doll (or matryoshkas). Essentially a third-person adventure puzzle game, Blackmore solves puzzles by hopping in and out of other stacking dolls, assuming their identities and powers. The exclusive IGN reveal stresses multiple ways to solve puzzles:

“Typically in adventure-puzzle games there’s one wacky way to solve an issue, but Stacking grants you the freedom to resolve the same situation in different ways. If you need to get Charlie past a guard, perhaps you’ll “stack” on a pretty lady doll and distract him or maybe you’ll try and sneak past him. Either way, when you decipher a new solution you’ll be rewarded so you’re encouraged to try out several problem-solving methods.”

Stacking is scheduled for release in Spring 2011, so check out the debut trailer in the meantime.