Have no fear, brawler fans: Today brings your first glimpse of how the upcoming Double Dragon revival will play, as IGN has posted the first gameplay trailer for Majesco Entertainment and WayForward TechnologiesDouble Dragon: Neon, which can be viewed above.

Announced last week, Double Dragon: Neon is a reimagining of the original Double Dragon, which IGN described as a “tongue-in-cheek” imagining of the original brawler classic. As you can see in the above trailer, Neon focuses heavily on the aesthetics of the 1980’s, when the original title was released. Expect bright graphics, lots of neon, and all the synth-pop you can handle. Gameplay falls along the same lines as the original beat-em-up, with the Lee brothers once again traversing across side-scrolling levels punching out thugs in their quest to save Marian.

Double Dragon: Neon hits XBLA this summer. No solid release date has been announced, nor has pricing.