Defenders of Ardania

Defenders of Ardania got its official XBLA release date announcement today and it’s sooner than you might think. The next generation tower defence game is set to buddy up with 4-player co-op shooter Shoot Many Robots for a March 14 release. The game is set in the fantasy world of Majesty and players can take control over both the defending and the attacking sides. Tower Offence game anyone?

There are 3 different playable races to choose from, each with their own distinguishable locations, towers, and units. It’s being developed by Most Wanted Entertainment who promise the game to be innovative with its RTS element, taking the popular genre to a new level. Multiplayer is of the online variety with 2-4 player competitive and co-operative gameplay modes on offer. The game will be priced at 1200 MSP on release and you can check out some lush new screenshots after the jump.

Source: Major Nelson