Last May we brought you word that Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter franchise was headed to Xbox Live Arcade. Today, thanks to PlayXBLA we’re able to bring you the first trailer and details on the game, now officially titled Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre. Described as a 2D MMO/Action-RPG hybrid, and crafted by the same team that created the original Dungeon Fighter at Neople, the Fall of Hendon Myre brings the franchise where it has never been before; On the Xbox 360, with four-player co-op, a new story driven campaign, a crafting system and with updated high-definition graphics. Fans of the franchise have plenty to look forward to, with the developers promising to adhere to the same level of quality that they are known for with this new XBLA entry.

While a release date and pricing information currently elude us, we expect the game to release sometime later this year as we alluded to in our master list of anticipated 2012 releases. For now however, check out the trailer above and consider this one fact; Over 200 million people have already jumped into the world of Dungeon Fighter. If that doesn’t tell you that Fall of Hendon Myre is something to be excited about, we’re not sure what will.

Source: PlayXBLA