This week’s deals offer some Xbox Live Arcade favorites and a few retro classics at deeply discounted prices. Xbox Live Gold Members can snag the exclusive sales starting today, through Monday, February 11.

Third-person action adventure Hydrophobia is the cheapest of the bunch, sitting at a meager 160 MSP, marked down from 400 MSP. Xbox Live Arcade must-owns Orcs Must Die! and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are each available for 600 MSP, originally 1200 MSP.

At one-third of its standard price, Hybrid can be had for a cool 400 MSP, down from 1200 MSP. Wrapping up the savings are Earthworm Jim HD and Zeno Clash UE, both available for 400 MSP a piece, which is half price. Hit the images for a direct link to each sale, and be sure to tell us what you’re picking up in the comments below.

Hydrophobia-Art          Orcs-Must-Die-Art          AW-American-Nightmare-Art

hybrid-art          Earthworm-Jim-HD-Art          Zeno-Clash-UE-Art