This week’s deal offers up some of the very best Xbox Live Arcade has to offer, dropping names and prices on a couple of the year’s bigger titles and tossing in a few longstanding favorites for the late crowd. Xbox Live Gold Members can get a cut of the exclusive savings now, through Monday, September 16.

Kicking things off is the excellent Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, which can be had for a paltry $7.49, doubling the already outstanding value contained in the rich storytelling and imaginative design. Another gem of the early year, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is similarly priced at $7.49, uniting the gameplay of its namesake with the over-the-top cliches of the ’80s and some laser-assisted dragons. Doodle Jump Kinect rounds out the group, which may seem like an odd choice given its company, but at a discounted price of $2.49 – who really cares?

Gunslinger          Blood Dragon          DoodleJump

Because a few must-own titles, and Doodle Jump, aren’t enough to constitute a sale, Microsoft has seemingly relinquished control to Warner Bros. and The Behemoth, who’ve made their own respectful offers. Not much of Warner Bros. Batman-riddled offerings come by way of XBLA, but Gotham City Impostors does sneak in at $7.49, half the standard price. The Behemoth throws their entire Xbox Live Arcade collection on the table with BattleBlock Theater at $10.04 (33% off), Alien Hominid HD for $4.99 (50% off) and of course, everyone’s favorite six years running, Castle Crashers at $7.49 (50% off).

GCI          BattleBlock Theatre          Alien Hominid HD          CastleCrashers

Last but not least, a few XBLA residents have had their prices reduced moving forward. Unlike the above, these prices should remain constant long after this week-long sale has expired. You can collect Realms of Ancient War (wisely abbreviated to RAW) for $9.99, but tread lightly, adventurer. The rest of the bunch groups up neatly at the $4.99 price point, featuring Invincible TigerPowerUp Forever, and the very decent Special Forces Team X. As always, you can hit the name of any title for more information, or tap the image to be whisked away directly to the savings.

RAW          Invincible Tiger          PowerUp Forever          STX