One of the most overlooked features of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is the ability to play mixologist. Chuck Greene can create numerous tonics and blends that can add a whole new facet to game. Here are a few we have found that you should check out. Blenders are located in the following locations in Case Zero: The Dirty Drink and Momma’s Dinner.

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Energizer: Chuck cannot be injured.

Mixes: Chili + Chili

Nectar: Queen Bees will be attracted.

Mixes: Orange Juice + Milk

Pain Killer: Health.

Mixes: Beer + Beer; Whiskey + Whiskey

Quickstep: Increases Chuck’s speed drastically.

Mixes: Milk + Milk; Bacon, Pie

Randomizer: Random drink with a strong chance of making Chuck sick.

Mixes: Whiskey + Beer

Repulse: Zombies will not and cannot attack you.

Mixes: Hot Dog + Soda

Spitfire: Chuck can spit a short range flame burst attack.

Mixes: Snack + Snack; Whiskey + Snack

Untouchable: Chuck cannot be grabbed by Zombies.

Mixes: Bacon + Milk

Zombait: Zombies are more attracted to Chuck.

Mixes: Milk, Pie; Beer + Hotdog

Let us know if you found new Drinks or ways to make these drinks in Case Zero in the comments.