Dead Block takes the traditional zombie game and throws it out the window. Gone are the grotesque parts-hanging-off zombies, gone are the photorealistic graphics. In their place is an art style that’s reminiscent of the 2006 CGI film Monster House. It’s got that 3D comic look that was popularized by Team Fortress 2, and it looks great. The game is set as a campy classic TV show featuring characters from all different walks of life. The horrific sound of Rock ‘n Roll has caused the dead to rise from their graves. Now it’s up to the few remaining survivors to set traps in a tower defense like manner to stop the oncoming hordes.

It’s certainly a fresh take on a genre that, in our opinion, went stale long ago. Maybe comical tower defense is just what the zombie genre needs. We’ll find out this summer when Dead Block comes to XBLA. Check out our initial coverage of the game here and hit the jump for another trailer.