The Daybreak Pack announced by developer Undead Labs at Gamescom 2018 is a new downloadable content coming to State of Decay 2 in September. The DLC pack will introduce a wide range of new content for the game, such as State of Decay 2’s own take on horde mode. Daybreak will also include one new enemy type, a sizeable amount of new weaponry and new unlockable rewards to help players progress in the DLC as well as during the main game. Players will assume the role of red talon soldiers with an ordinance of military grade weaponry in their hands. Team up with three friends and hold a fortified position from the onslaught of enemies.

If the Juggernaut was not already enough of a threat during the main game, then prepare yourself for the Blood Plague Juggernaut. If the name isn’t clear enough, the Blood Plague juggernaut is a monstrosity of his former self, infected by blood plague with the ability to infect his victims. Thankfully with the added arsenal of weapons, players will have eight new ranged weapons, six melee weapons, and six deployable weapons at their disposal to help bring the beast and the rest of the horde down. Be Prepared to reap the rewards. Unlocked rewards can be used to further your progress in the Daybreak DLC as well as in your main game. Unlocks come in a large variety, from new weapons, accessories, and even upgrades for your base.

The Daybreak Pack DLC for State of Decay 2 will be available September 12th, 2018. Players who presently own the standard edition of the base game will be able to purchase the Daybreak Pack DLC for $9.99. The Daybreak Pack is available to those who own the ultimate edition of the game at no additional cost. It will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass once it launches.

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