This new Crimson Alliance trailer tells the story of Direwolf, a magic man who was cast out of society by his own people. Gameplay shows off some of the powerful spells he’s capable of on his epic quest for revenge.

Crimson Alliance will be released with a couple options for purchasing. One version of game costs 1200MSP, complete with all three classes (mercenary, wizard, and assassin). If you want to buy the game but only want one class, you can buy the game for 800MSP. The game itself will be the same either way, just the character options are different. This structure is great for those who have a favorite class and want to save some cash. There’s no word on whether or not buyers of the single-class version can upgrade to get the other classes. Remember, buyers of all five Summer of Arcade games will get the 1200MSP three class version for free. Crimson Alliance goes on sale September 7, 2011.

Source: Joystiq