Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Counter Strike: Global Offensive will [probably] launch this summer, Gamespot has bagged footage of fresh game-type Arsenal Mode: Demolition. Valve’s Chet Faliszek narrates over footage of terrorists and counter-terrorists clashing on new map Lake, showcasing the mode’s idiosyncrasies (primarily a “self-balancing” system that sees players that dominate outfitted with weapons that are harder to master in place of the classic monetary system).

“We have the regular Counter Strike that you can jump in and play. It’s got the buying-beforehand and all the things you’re used to in Counter Strike. The gun-game mode is fun because it throws you into the action, it eliminates a lot of the complexities of ‘what should I buy?’, ‘should I hold off my money?’, ‘what should I be doing?’ and it just throws you right into the action and self-balances itself.”

Faliszek also discusses ranked matchmaking, the game’s social and competitive modes, how the competitive community has influenced the makeup of the final game and the frankly ludicrous levels of feedback Valve have stockpiled throughout the PC beta.

Source: Gamespot