The fine folks over at Game Rant have recently talked to Mike Perry, the executive producer on Darkspore. They asked him if Darkspore is likely to show up on consoles, Perry had this to say on the matter.

“As we launch ‘Darkspore’, we’re going to play close attention to our community — it’s not the kind of game that we’re just going to ship and forget about! It’s a game that we’re going to ship, and we’re going to continue to support and upgrade for as long as we can. So, if players in our community say that they feel like ‘Darkspore’ should go somewhere besides PC, we’ll absolutely pay attention to them, and see what we can do there.”

As Game Rant points out, this is certainly far from a confirmation but it does suggest it is something being considered. The Deathspank games proved very popular on XBLA and Torchlight which is very close to release is highly anticipated. There does seem to be a market on XBLA for action RPGs in this style so Darkspore could be a good fit with the service.

Source – Game Rant