Contrast -- Dawn and Didi

Compulsion Games has announced its puzzle-based platformer, Contrast, will finally see the light of day on November 15, priced on Xbox Live Arcade at $15. The game places you in the role of Dawn, the imaginary friend of a troubled little girl, Didi, who relies on the playable character as a coping mechanism to process an unknown trauma. As Dawn you’ll accompany Didi, slipping in and out of shadow form to platform along two-dimensional shadows cast by the 3D environment.

We delved into Contrast at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo during our preview with Compulsion Games Studio Head Guillaume Provost. The game is quite simply loaded with charm and a striking, film-noir aesthetic, but that story of a little girl who escapes into her imagination might be the biggest draw. “We try to explore something that’s a little bit more interesting than saving the world, or beating a big bad guy or getting revenge for something or other,” Provost said during our time with him. “It’s really the story of this little girl and what she wants out of her family.”

Our time with Contrast definitely left us wanting more. Be sure to keep this one on your radar for a busy November, and for more glimpses into the shadows enjoy the slideshow after the jump.

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Source: Compulsion Games