UPDATE: Congrats to XMaloX

As part of our newly designed summer schedule, we are bringing back weekly site contests. We also plan to do more weekly streaming events on Twitch.TV and more community game nights. As always, our daily twitter contests will continue. Make sure you are following @XBLAFans! We are also adding a weekly facebook contest and daily discussion questions on our XBLA Fans FB page. Make sure to join in on that action and let your voice be heard!

Each week we will bring a new contest involving some form of task or challenge. The winner(s) will be random, as we want everyone to have a chance to be involved no matter their skill level at a certain task. Some might involve gaining obscure XBLA achievements. Others will be a little craftier like this week’s Minecraft Cape Challenge (I love puns, sorry).


To enter this week, all you need to do is remake the XBLA Fans Logo in Minecraft. You may use any materials currently found in the XBLA Version of the game. Once you have completed the logo we suggest using the in game Facebook share feature. Grab that URL and post it in the comments below and you are entered! If you don’t have facebook just snapping a picture with a camera phone works too, but we’d love to see the Hi-resolution shot so we can share them in a post with our readers next week!

You may enter as many times as you want and we will count each image as an entry as long as they use new ingredients and are different. The contest will end Friday at 9PM PST.

I’ve put out a call to our friends to see if we might be able to get a few extra codes so we can have more than 1 winner but for now, we only have 1 Minecraft Cape to giveaway. They look flipping awesome.