According to a tweet from Slide to Play, Sega will consider bringing beloved Dreamcast puzzle game Chu Chu Rocket! to XBLA… you just need to request it on Facebook. Of course, this sounds like Sega filling our minds with unlikely and easily shattered dreams, but it’s possible this is more than just a cruel taunt: there was a GBA port in 2001 and now Sega has announced an iPhone/iPad version to be released this October.

Chu Chu Rocket! is a frenzied puzzle game, where players guide adorable blue mice (ChuChus) into rocket ships, while avoiding the jaws of predatory cats (KapuKapus). You can place arrows on the game board to direct the mice and cats, who would otherwise follow pre-determined paths. In multiplayer, the action is fast and furious with up to four players all placing arrows to get ChuChus into their own goals and steer KapuKapus into the opponents’ goals.

The original Chu Chu Rocket! came to North America ten years ago to critical success. The primary complaint by gamers and reviewers alike was the lag in the online multiplayer—a problem that Xbox Live seems well suited to correct. The iPhone and iPad versions feature all 100 levels from the original Dreamcast version, plus updated graphics and WiFi multiplayer via Game Center.

It might be a pipe dream to hope that Sega would release a port for XBLA, but if they want us to spam their Facebook page with Chu Chu Rocket! requests, we are all too happy to oblige. If you never had the chance to play the original, trust us: it’s one of the best puzzle games you’re likely to ever play.

To request Chu Chu Rocket! for XBLA, leave a message on Sega’s Facebook page.

Via Destructoid