After The Dishwasher series, James Silva and gang at Ska Studios have been hard at work on the XBLIG-turned XBLA game Charlie Murder. We finally have our first trailer of the game in action and it looks like Punk goes Beat ‘Em Up Volume Blood. You see bars and shows with lots of murder and mayhem from the band, beating up hordes of people with any type of items they have on hand from pool cues to swords and just for kicks, flamethrowers.

The plot of the game involves the fictitious band against their rivals, Gore Quaffer who’ve unleashed an army on the band. While it may look like a simple brawler, the description of the trailer indicates there will be RPG elements and you’ll see some rhythm-based sections where you play a show and must tap the corresponding buttons. The game will be at PAX East in playable form and XBLA Fans will be all over the punk-rock action. No release date has been said but expect the game “someday”, hopefully sooner rather than later.