Resident Evil Revelations 2

The current console generation has incorporated streaming technology with native solutions to share gameplay through This feature has been embraced by many, including the staff at XBLA Fans. Our stream team reported to us last night that specific segments of gameplay in Capcom’s Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 3 and 4 have been blocked from streaming via the native Twitch App in the Xbox One.

Without getting too detailed and spoiling specific moments in game, at the end of Claire’s mission in Episode 3 it doesn’t censor the boss fight; however, it does sensor the scene following. In Episode 4 it appears to block the final boss and all gameplay, cutscenes, ending, credits and after-scene credits. The game unblocks at the result screen. When a player streaming reaches those segments, the stream will be blocked out by the Xbox One Twitch App displaying the paused screen seen below.


When contacted, a Capcom representative informed XBLA Fans that “Those segments feature key spoilers and are critical to determining what ending the player receives. In an effort to give players a pure and un-spoiled experience, the development team chose to disable the native capture so that video sharing during those segments was limited.”

It is worth noting that a player can stream these segments with additional equipment using a capture card solution. It is also common that prior to release, a developer or publisher requests that specific spoiler type content be restrained and kept from public consumption prior to release. Additionally, both Sony and Microsoft have given publishers and developers tools to prevent “spoilers” via the Twitch app; however, that information doesn’t seem to have trickled down to the average consumer. It does feel a tad strange that a publisher has decided to block their content post release.