Announced yesterday, Boulder Dash is looking to make a triumphant return to consoles.  And we have screenshots!  Boulder Dash XL, developed by German developer Catnip Games, will offer 150 levels, online leaderboards and five separate game modes: arcade, retro, zen, puzzle and time challenge.

Some of you may know about Bolder Dash’s long history within the gaming world.   Like how it was developed back in 1984 by lone Canadian developer Peter Liepa and was released on the original Atari 400.   You might also know that in it’s long history it has had many sequels, reboots and has been shown LOTS of love.   The latest incarnation of the game was back in 2007 on the Nintendo DS.

Sadly though, we don’t have a release date for the game.  Keep your eyes locked on XBLA fans for when you can get your hands on this one!