Capcom has just announced at CES2011 that (among other things) the sequel to their XBLA hit, Bionic Commando Rearmed, will be dropping on February 2nd for the measly 1200 msp ($15). Featuring more levels, more abilities and more mustache, how could one refuse? Full synopsis, new screenshots and trailer after the jump.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 takes place shortly after the first Rearmed, but before 2009’s Bionic Commando. A dictator of the Papagayan Islands has threatened to attack the FSA, so Colonel Buebaker is sent to investigate. Well, he disappears, and a team of four bionics are sent in (including the always great, Spencer!) New features include: the ability to jump, the “Death From Above” technique from Bionic Commando 2009, different components to upgrade the bionic arm (grenade launchers, passive healing, etc) and upgrade stations that allow you to upgrade different stats of Spencer.

Gone are the top down perspective levels to show enemy encounters, when asked why these were cut, producer Rey Jimenez said “People liked them because they were in the original, but I don’t remember hearing anyone say that was their favorite part of the game. It doesn’t have the swinging, you know?” and thus, they were cut. Also gone is the level select screen, instead levels are to be completed in a linear fashion, although you can return to levels you have already completed with new abilities.

Trailer below, gallery of screenshots underneath that.

Source: CapcomUnity