Speaking with XBLA Fans at PAX East, Wolf Lang, co-founder of German developer Threaks, stated that the studio would create a sequel to the as-yet-unreleased Beatbuddy. After Lang, unprompted, brought up the topic of a potential sequel, XBLA Fans asked if he could confirm there would be one. His response? “Definitely.”

However, when we turned and spoke with Threaks’ Art Director Dennis Rogic about the sequel, he appeared as surprised to hear of its confirmation as we were. Rogic went on to explain that he’d like to make a sequel because, “Why not?” In further elucidating, Rogic informed us that the team would create a sequel “if the money’s there.”

The first Beatbuddy game has about three months’ worth of development work ahead of it, according to Lang. The rhythmic platformer will release this summer, either “weeks” or “months” after the Electric Entertainment Expo, he told XBLA Fans.