Battleblock Theater Contest Day One

We have a winner! The correct answer was “the Green Knight from Castle Crashers” (check the original image after the jump). Congratulations to reader “thatpikminguy! We’ll be in contact with the winner soon to explain how to claim his/her prize! Thanks for entering, everyone, and don’t forget to try again tomorrow!

Note: Our original winning selection had invalid contact information, so we randomly chose a different winner. To avoid suffering the same fate in future contests, please remember to only post comments with an account that was registered with a valid email address, and/or provide us with a valid Twitter account. Unfortunately, readers who do not follow this protocol will have their entry invalidated. Thank you!

Welcome to first day of our seven-day Battleblock Theater XBLA multiplayer beta code giveaway contest! At some point in February or March (the exact date has yet to be sorted out), The Behemoth’s Battleblock Theater will begin a closed beta, with 10,000 XBLA gamers getting access.

Sound like fun? Want in? Then all you have to do is guess which Behemoth game character is pictured in the above distorted image. For your chance to win, post your best guess in the comments section below with an account that has a registered email address attached to it or post your Twitter handle in the comment if you’d like a faster response. Don’t forget to follow @XBLAFans on Twitter if you elect to provide your Twitter account instead of your email address. If you don’t win today, be sure to keep coming back as we’ll be picking a winner every day for an entire week. Good luck!

***XBLAFans Contest Rules***

The rules are as follows: ONE entry per person. Each entry must have an email address attached to the account that posts the comments section in order for us to be able to contact you in the event that you win the contest. Each daily contest will close at 10 pm EST on the day it is held, and comments posted after that time will not be considered valid.

You must provide a correct answer for one of the daily contests in order to be considered a valid entry. All winners must still register for the beta via The Behemoth’s Battleblock Theater XBLA beta page. Everyone is free to register through The Behemoth’s website, but only contest winners will be guaranteed spots in the beta. Depending on your preferred communication method, you will receive either a tweet requesting your email address or an email from XBLAFans containing full details on how to register should you be selected as a winner. Winners must furnish XBLAFans with their full names and email addresses so that we can notify The Behemoth of who to give codes to when the time comes.

Winners of each daily contest will be announced the next day as the new daily contest is posted.

Green Knight Castle Crashers