The Battleblock Theater closed beta is now over, leaving The Behemoth to mull over the data it collected. During the course of the beta, players were able to try out the game’s level editor and share their creations in the Community Theater. The user creations were so fantastic, they even left Behemoth Lead Level Designer Aaron stunned:

“Even after 3 years of playwriting levels, how those Beta builders still managed to surprise me! And kill me. And then surprise me again! Whether I was flung through explosions into rooms made out of teleporters or flung through teleporters into rooms made out of explosions, the experience was quite the rollercoastery deathtrap of emotion.”

The Behemoth is paying tribute to its testers’ creations by showing off some of the studio’s favorites in a new video. While these user-created levels only existed in the beta and will not appear in the game’s full release, it shouldn’t be long before the Community Theater fills up with levels equally as brilliant and fun. Battleblock Theater is coming to XBLA this spring.

Source: The Behemoth Development Blog