After over a year and half of silence in regards to a potential console release, developer Phantom EFX’s Battle Slots was spotted in an ESRB rating last week. The ESRB awarded the game an “E10+” rating for Xbox 360 along with PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Battle Slots was assigned the rating based on “alcohol reference, fantasy violence, mild language, [and] suggestive themes.”

According to the ESRB description, Battle Slots is “a role-playing game in which players use a customizable slot reel to battle fantasy monsters in a mythical land.” Also revealed by the rating is that damage is shown through “light effects” and slashes across character portraits.

Iowa-based Phantom EFX first announced the game as “Battle Quest RPG” back in March of 2011. It was said to be a PC-only game at the time and subsequently released on that platform the following month, but XBLA and PSN possibilities were supposedly being explored. The recent ESRB rating is hardly confirmation that the title, which is said to combine elements of Puzzle Quest with a slot machine managing characters’ mana reserves, but it does imply that Phantom and publisher Zen Studios are least still considering bringing the title to Xbox Live Arcade.

Phantom’s background includes creating art for casino games and launching online casinos. While that hardly makes them the ideal studio to work on an RPG, it should certainly have positioned them well to create a slot machine for one.

Source: The ESRB

(Thanks, @lifelower)