The newest addition to the ever-expanding roster of playable characters in Guardians of Middle-earth has waded into the fray. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment together with Monolith Productions, developer of the console-based MOBA, have announced the Barrow-wight Lord, the undead Enchanter bent on twisting and corrupting everything he sought to protect in life.

Utilizing the essence of death, the Barrow-wight Lord casts grim magics on his opponents, damaging them over time and draining their life to regenerate his own. Should he become overwhelmed and succumb to his enemies, his passive Undeath ability grants him immunity in his final hour, allowing him to teleport and envelope his opponent for significant damage.

The Barrow-wight Lord joins the already robust cast of characters perpetually battling for the lanes of Middle-earth. Available as a singular purchase for 160 MSP or included free for those with a Season Pass, the Barrow-wight Lord marks the final guardian to be included with the pass, though further purchasable content is expected to be announced at some point in the future.

As the last character freely accessible with the Season Pass, the Barrow-wight Lord brings the total number of goods therein to eight guardians and one additional mode. Added together, that’s a 1600 MSP value for the 1200 MSP price of the Season Pass. To see the Barrow-wight Lord in action, be sure to check out the character trailer after the jump.

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