Action game Ascend: New Gods will be ported over to the PC, developer Signal Studios has informed Co-Optimus. The PC version’s content is said to mirror that of the XBLA game, though Co-Optimus says “some details remain up in the air.”

New Gods places a heavy focus on its unique multiplayer functionality and Microsoft SmartGlass. These features are designed to bring players together without having them actually play alongside each other and using the “second screen,” respectively. The PC — perhaps the original second screen — version will push that idea even further, allowing those playing the game on it to interact in some ways with XBLA players. Specifics were not discussed, but the game’s E3 demo showed how gamers could send “curses” or “blessings” to and from the game worlds of others.

Each player must always be aligned with one of the three gods seeking to upheave the Titans (bosses of such enormity that the Federal Aviation Administration would likely require them to have flashing lights on their heads in more contemporary times). Feats accomplished under a certain god’s banner will have ripple effects throughout all players’ games. It’s another way that Signal will force everyone to work both with and against each other as part of a facet of the game the team has referred to as “asynchronous multiplayer.” The PC version adds one more platform to the mix that already included the Xbox 360 and Windows, Droid and iOS phones and tablets. Expect to discover how well all of these screens and players clash and mesh together later this year or early in 2013.

Source: Co-Optimus