Studio Wildcard continues to deliver a seemingly endless supply of terrifying creatures, and their new update may include the most impressive dinosaur yet. The newest update for ARK: Survival Evolved add the Titanosaur, the largest creature in the game. This rare beast is nearly impossible to tame, but the struggle will be well worth it. It can carry massive structures on its back, effectively making it an impenetrable mobile fort that will crush anything that stands in its way.

The update also adds the Redwood Biome, a large forest inhabited by small furry creatures. The biome’s gigantic trees are a perfect source of lumber, or the perfect foundation to amazing tree forts. The new tree platforms and retractable rope ladders will let you build grand structures way above the ground. Trees can also be tapped for sap, which can be used in a variety of new recipes. The update adds plenty of tools, from gas masks to chain bola ammo, as well as plenty of fixes and changes.

The update is now available on Xbox One, just in time for the Ultimate Game Sale. From now until July 11 Xbox Live Silver members can pick up ARK: Survival Evolved for 15% off, while Gold members get 25% off. To check out this and other great games on currently sale, check out our list of the best indie games in the Ultimate Game Sale.